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Project Description

The beauty and values are the tradition of Italian art and design with a contemporary spirit unique in the world.

The force that leads Artioli to chase after the “modernity” it is the driver of this season.

“All things that are modern, come, sooner or later, to pass”, said Oscar Wilde.

The expertise of our brand is based on the ability for constant renewal, bringing in aesthetic influences from eclectic artists, photographers and designers of the 21st. century.

Our collection contains all of the excellence and craftsmanship of Italian savoir-faire and the true “key piece” that completes the range is the sneaker, that agilely moves in a digital creative world.

The summer appeal features the organic color mix of beige, taupe, natural green, water blue, grey, stand alone or combined together are dressing the ultra-light footwear.

The visionary man is relaxed and casual with aristocratic aplomb, ranging from oxfords to derby shoes, completing the look with suede or brushed leather slip-ons, moccasins or buckle shoes.

Our identity for the new era human it’s more than a style, it’s a way of being with a strong personality and bold character that lives an intellectual life inside the architectural art cities.

Spring Summer 2021