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Project Description

The search for perfection and the great passion guide the Artioli family in creating their unique footwear and leather goods for more of a century that they have dedicated to create models based on the continual evolution from season to season, which distinctly retain the same characteristic “Artioli” look.
For spring summer collection the outcome are the most exciting, innovative styles of haute couture shoes and leather goods.
The new line are made of soft calf and kangaroo leathers treated with the slow tanning method with pure aniline processed with creams and waxes, combined with precious and exotic skins.
Original models of slip-ons, bluchers and Oxfords with elasticated laces, together with casual lines of sneakers, tubular moccasins and sandals. All made with modern shapes that become protagonists.
The colors are inspired by the futuristic Italian painters: Boccioni, Carrà, Balla and Morandi.
If You add the minute details of hand stitching, leather trims, the unique reversed stitching and the new decorations, the result is a perfect balance for an harmonic taste.

La Collezione Primavera Estate 2017