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Project Description

In the current landscape of fashion, Artioli is something of an outlier.
It remains a thriving family run Company by continuing to do what it has always done, making hand crafted shoes and leather goods for the world’s leading men with deep-seeded passion and absolute taste.
Bypassing economic and business trends and retaining strong traditions, Artioli recalls a craft and philosophy of days gone by catered to the twenty-first century. Wisdom is transmitted by generations from father to son, with a continued focus on improving the quality.
The new winter collection is showing styles of authentic elegance developing very sophisticated shoes and boots, made in soft and precious leathers refined with shining and velour effects.
The smooth and gently curved lasts are dressed, enriched with innovative elements of hand made embroideries, minute made perforations, double reversed stitching lines, creating the modern vision for luxury.

Fall Winter 2014-2015