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Project Description

The strong values and the passion based in history and know-how is winner when is combined with the recipe of quality, creativity and innovation.

For spring summer collection the outcome are the most exciting styles of haute couture shoes of extreme elegance.
The new line combines the soft calf and kangaroo leathers treated with the method of slow tanning with pure aniline processed with creams and waxes, together with precious leathers as crocodile, ostrich, lizard, ray fish, python and shark.

Original models of elastic lacing, slip-ons, moccasins, sandals, outstanding casual and combined accessories of innovative shapes are the protagonists.

In the next season’s palette some exciting shades stand out: burgundy, blue, grey, green, cognac, honey, sometimes mixed in combinations that create new unusual contrasts.
If You add the details of hand stitching, leather trim and the new decorations, the result is harmony and perfect balance for a sophisticated taste, that attracts the successful Leaders to choose the shoes and accessories to satisfy their needs and desires.

Spring Summer 2015