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Project Description

Artioli mission, after a century of continual evolution, is to offer the best service to the society.
The research for excellence and innovative original details drives the developing of high quality styles.
Variety, elegance and artistic designs combined with comfortable innovative shapes.
A further inspiration is the sunny Italian season that allows different degrees of joyful colors as the blues, greys and browns reaching the red, orange and yellow tones on the lining and soles finishing, which gives an outstanding look to each shoe.
The precious leathers treated with method of slow tanning with pure aniline are perforated or processed with creams and waxes, originating various models:
Elastic lacing oxford and bluchers, slip-ons, moccasins, sandals.
All combined together with the belts, bags and other accessories that are matching the shoes, to dress the successful Leaders, great fans of the brand.

Spring Summer 2016