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Project Description

The strong values of the Italian family based in history, tradition, know how, technological evolution is winner when combined with the formula of passion for the product, creativity, quality and innovation. The Spring/Summer collection is a world of excitement and pleasure, looking at shoes of comfortable ergonomic lasts and slender shapes, some exalting weaves and sole edges stand up. Shoes that become objects of design, art that creates emotions with uppers in suede, smooth, buffered and printed calfskins, also perforated for a lighter effect, precious leathers as alligator, crocodile, ostrich, lizard, snakes… The inspiration is the sunny Italian season that allows different degrees of joyful colors as the blues, greys and browns reaching the red, orange and yellow tones on the lining and soles finishing, which gives an outstanding look to each shoe. Variety, elegance and artistic details combined with supreme quality leathers and comfortable innovative shapes are the perfect choice for the leaders of the world that desire the best of the best.

Spring Summer 2018