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Combining a casual style with the refinement of an artisan shoe is the challenge that Artioli took up and, during the recent period of the pandemic, took advantage of the momentary slowdown in the market to develop a line of informal footwear, designed for those men who appreciate highest quality but who do not want to give up on a modern look. We wanted to broaden our horizons by giving youthful clients the opportunity to purchase models that are more in line with current trends and to make this possibile, it was very important the help of Andrea’s second of three children, Alberto, which joins the firm in 2020 after the school gradution in designing. The fashionable “sock” shoe, for example, is meeting considerable success. Such a model perfectly outstands in the Artioli range, which well combines value and ease, class and easygoingness. The elegant classic lines are enhanced by exclusive workmanship and refined details: the leather leaves room – but not entirely – for finely finished fabric uppers, and the classic leather soles are replaced by innovative and bolder bottoms, in light rubber, to ensure casualness and comfort but there is no lack of great classics, real masterpieces of high Italian craftsmanship.