The beginnings. From 1918 to 1944

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Born in Ferrara in 1912, Severino Artioli, at the age of seven, starts going to workshop after school in order to learn the craft of shoemaking. After the war, he acquires a bench with all the necessary tools and start working on his own.

The shoes, in fact, are still all handmade, customized, and the cases of industries in the shoe production process are rare.

Among these, is born in Ferrara, one of the first shoe factories prêt-à-porter, the Zenith, which produces with U.S. hired machinery.

Severino Artioli is assumed by this shoe factory, and begins a rapid carrier growth within it. Very soon Severino becomes the favourite of the owner, thanks to his wide knowledge of the work.

Unfortunately Mr Buzzoni, the owner, dies a couple of years later and Severino, disappointed by the choice of the new director, for this position, resigns from Zenith and then begins a long period of counselling in different shoe factories in the central and northern Italy.In 1932, He becomes manager of the Calzaturificio di Tradate, a rather large company owning shops in Milan, Turin and Rome.

Three years after, to avoid the call to arms for the war in Abyssinia, He leaves Tradate and works for the Battistini factory in Forlì, supplier of footwear for the army. By doing so Artioli is exempt from military call and this is repeated in 1940 when he returns to the Calzaturificio di Tradate as general manager.

Meanwhile, the desire of creating his own factory was still smouldering and just one day after the war finished Severino went to the owner and announced he was setting up on his own.